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Our Services



What We Do

We guide your technical teams through a tried and true process to deliver unique customer focused solutions starting from:

Market vision into ideal concept to patentable enablement



Our Method

Invention Workshops

Vision is the seed to ideas

Ideas the beginning of invention

Invention workshops are a tool to generate, embody, and harvest those ideas into patentable assets.

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Workshop Step – 1

Planning Meeting & Selection of Expert Resources

Planning an invention workshop begins 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop event.  

It is critical to establish the Content Client who is the carrier for the workshop vision and ultimately the output.

Content Client Profile:

  • Creation and clarification of Opportunity Statement

  • Interview and selection of Expert Resources.

Workshop Step – 2

The Invention Workshop: 3 Needs

Opportunity Statement

  • defines and drives and provides the workshop your vision

  • ideally will have a single focus to allow deeper thought

Technical Experts/Participants

  • specific knowledge and expertise needed

  • number of participants kept to a maximum of 6-7

Open Minds

  • connecting ideas between experts is empowerment

Together, we will generate ideas/concepts and use to enable technical solutions for your business vision with patentable assets.

Workshop Step – 3

Workshop Output – a batch of invention disclosures and all workshop notes and figures


Your Part

We guide you through the steps but commitment is key!


Organizational Commitment

Essentials for Workshop Success

  • A focused & articulated opportunity statement

  • The right mix of expertise - open to thinking big

  • An understanding of roles and responsibilities

  • Process techniques - experienced facilitators

  • Follow-up Search & portfolio mapping

Experience, Effort and Time

  • Team selection and sponsorship is critical,
  • Suggest to go off site to ensure focus,
  • Writing full disclosures in a timely manner after the session.