Prophetic invention to help you grow when ready.

Our Mission


Providing visionary clients the leverage to stretch and grow their business by staking patent claims for the future.

Do you have the vision to stake your claims now?

Our Commitment

Understanding Your Needs

You have a vision to grow your business but it takes time and resources.

Your competition won’t be standing still but what if you are not ready.

How to overcome this resource contradiction?

The Proposition

Leverage a Prophetic Portfolio

Carve out areas for growth aligned with your business and technical focus.
A portfolio of future targeted patent claims allows you to expand at your pace.

Connect with your consumers current and future needs.

patent drawing.jpg

Bottom Line Benefits

Business leverage

This is not just about your tangible assets, it is also about your intangible creations.

Drive “design around” thinking
Protect space for you & trade partners
Create leverage over suppliers
License into adjacent industries
Head off competition & License to them
(Make money with their capital)