Adjacent Services

LeverageandGrow, independently or through collaboration with our associated providers +, can help project sponsors, generate a tailored patent portfolio enhancement framework for each project. We create value by adding business sustainability impact through creative & novel solutions held as intellectual property.

Tailored Solutions

Our goal is to provide flexible IP services solutions that fit the sponsors unique needs, breaking down the offering into bite size pieces both for phased implementation and economic appeal. We have provided a chart and option description sheets to help communicate benefit and cost trade-off. The options can be phased sequentially to control spend and build value as a project moves from concept to marketable position. We have provided a few possible scenarios as examples in the following pages.

As we listen and learn what YOU, the sponsor is doing and what your needs are; we can recommend a phased implementation of IP portfolio development, It may be limited to what needs to be done to solve a specific problem or expanded the solution space to own more of the benefit delivery in the market.

I looking forward to discussing your needs in further detail.


Steve Kuehl

Associated Providers

Mson IP IP search/data analysis services, Mohammed Mujahid

Nyemaster-Goode IP counsel - drafting/prosecution/litigation, Todd VanThomme

Mson-IP & Nyemaster Goode are independent trusted collaborators who offer high quality IP related services. In addition to these providers we can work with whomever a sponsor desires if the related services are part of the program contracted with LeverageandGrow.